Enduring Elegance…

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” — Audrey Hepburn

A elegant women is soft, striking yet sultry. She looks like a enchantress who can spell magic on the people around in a soiree. Therefore, a woman with substance and grace makes a strong fashion statement which should be added in the wedding festivities.

To begin with planning a wedding pick a color scheme keeping in mind the wedding venue, season,kind of mood and tone you want at your wedding. Since, summers are just round the corner go for a palette which is subtle yet appealing. It should not be overblown but a extension of your personality. Summers are bright and sunny yet hot and humid hence,  go for Pastels such as peaches, rose gold, lemon for your decor and Bridal couture

Colour paletter

The next step is which flowers to select as it adds glamour,grandeur and opulence to the wedding. This season go for Roses, lilies or Carnations for your D-day they add style and charm to the decor.

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The most important decision is to select the perfect outfit for the Big day which should be Classic, versatile yet alluring. This summer season ditch the bright hues of Fuchsia’s and reds and go Golds, coral pinks or mint green to make for a perfect summer bride.


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Therefore, make your royal nuptial a blissful and Idyllic one by adding sparkly accessories, twinkling lights and dreamy decor as In the end it is all about family, friends, some fun, laughter and tears. 🙂 🙂


Disclaimer- The pictures in the blog are taken from various internet sites.


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