Pristine Bliss!!

“Classy is the women who has everything to Flaunt but chooses not to show it”.


White is one such colour which can light up any mood it is the colour of peace. Also, wearing white coloured clothes on Monday is said to be auspicious as it is associated with Lord Shiva. Women seeking for Good husbands usually wear white and pray to Lord Shiva.


Ivory colour can look classy yet Ethnic. It has a purity which no other hue has. Women usually looks heavenly or like a apsara(as described in Hindu texts)  in this basic hue which can make any man go weak on his knees.


Whites when added to the decor can bring an aura of sereinty, peace, love and elegance. One can colour block it with any other hue especially with scarlet the colour of Love.


Therefore, make your wedding a magnificent affair by adding this divine colour to your scintillating decor and coordinate it with hues of red’s, fuchsia and even yellow.

Disclaimer: The pictures uploaded in my post are not mine and have been taken from various internet sources.


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